Our professionals from ECONOMIC CONSULTING s.r.o. provide range of high-profiled services:

Suplementary services:

We administer and file INTRASTAT declarations for Customs Office, VAT Tax Returns and EU Summary VAT Declarations, Corporate Income Tax Returns, Motor Vehicle and Property Tax Returns and many other public Social and Health Insurance agendas. On Client's request, regular financial statements e-reporting to managing and controlling bodies of our clients‘ parent companies or shareholders is a must (P&L, BS, GL, journal, subledgers).

Utilising remote connection to our servers via Remote Desktop / MS Terminal Services within our APC (Accounting Processing Centre) in Bratislava, Slovakia enables us to work with the established clients in real-time regarding agendas such as ordering, invoicing, delivery, payments and general administration, which are crucial for competitive advantage and essential condition for success of our clients‘ operations.

Our SME clients’ industries to which we provide profiled services range from:


Operated ERP

Our clients operate or utilise accounting & ERP software tools such as:

Out of the above mentioned ERP softare we help you choose & implement suitable tailor-made economic software tool, in an economical manner for your company, necessary for your subsidiary in order to cover your reporting needs and local legal requirements.

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